Three Blogs

Here are three blogs I love to browse and hang out on in my down time:

  • Adagio Teas – This tumblr blog gives the latest and greatest from the tea-ordering website,, and often hosts give-aways for bundles of teas/teapots/tea sets.
  • Hyperbole and a Half – This blog/web comic is simply a collection of one girl’s stories. It’s quite entertaining to read, and is great if you need a smile or two.
  • The Science of Deduction – The personal blog of the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, with plenty of case references and information for the show.

And here are three from Technorati/Google, as defined by the assignment:

  • Discover Ireland – A travel blog with information about Ireland ranging from things to see to trivia about the nation.
  • England Football – A football blog for English football fans with the latest and greatest news involving the sport.
  • SurLaLune – A blog dedicated to fairy tales and fantasy stories.

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