Let’s Talk About Blogs: Daily Kos


I was, admittedly a bit wary when I first entered this blog’s website. An icon of a man waving a flag, articles with sarcastic and yet literal titles, copious amounts of sarcasm… I initially wondered what odd part of the net I had stumbled upon. As I scrolled through the posts, I became increasingly amused by the titles and articles being posted. 

Surprisingly enough, it is a very informative blog which addresses political, social, and economic issues through somewhat satirical blurbs and posts. The group of writers publishing to Daily Kos are well-versed in the discipline of what I like to call ‘eye-opening writing’, in which the author makes no point in sugar-coating the details to simply lay out the base of the issues at hand. It’s a fantastic blog full of things which make you go hmmmm… Definitely food for thought, if nothing else. This is an entertaining blog to read through.

Semi-Detailed Review

General Theme: Journalistic, Political, Informative

Political Slant: Moderate to Left? Because of the varying authors, there are varying voices and ideas. It’s difficult to pin a single one down.

Cite Sources? There are internal citations for most every article.

How does the blog’s information compare to the newspaper? It’s definitely more news-worthy than some of the things the newspaper reports, but I can’t speak much on the issue. I stopped reading the paper some time ago.

What you didn’t like: I can’t say there isn’t anything which bothered me about this site. I would definitely give it a 9/10 to 10/10 for its overall entertainment and information value.

A link to a specific post you felt was interesting: Not Necessarily the News. Finally, someone who shares my frustrations about the reports concerning the Boston Marathon Bombing over this past week.


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