Final Thoughts

While I was a bit skeptical the first time I laid eyes on this book, I do have to say I’m quite impressed by both its contents and its wealth of both information and thoughtful speculation. Shirky certainly lays out a clear, logical, and concise argument about how technology truly is revolutionizing the everyday Joe, transforming him from a consumer of media entertainment to a creator or collaborator.

There are instances within the text where I find myself disagreeing with what Shirky says, but I feel that it only makes the read that much more interesting; what good would it be if I passively accepted everything he said? It certainly wouldn’t be compelling or interesting to read. Nevertheless, Shirky does a brilliant job of engaging the reader and making them think.

If you are interested in technology and how it affects our society, I would certainly recommend diving nose-first into this book. Even if you completely disagree with how Shirky has presented the culture of the internet and the trends we seem to be producing, it’s a foundation to understand the opposing arguments you would meet when discussing such a profound subject.

Four out of five stars – I recommend everyone read this book.


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